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Con O’Neill & Associates specialises in representing clients on all Road Traffic & Criminal Offences. With over 26 years’ experience Con O’Neill & Associates will fight to receive the best outcome for you.

Our first interview is always free and we will secure Legal Aid funding on all applicable matters. Where Legal Aid does not apply we offer fixed price representation at reasonable rates, giving you peace of mind and no surprises.

Con O’Neill and Associates can represent you at all Metropolitan and District Courts.

Best Traffic Lawyer in Adelaide

Con O’Neill is one of the top 3 road traffic lawyers in SA.


Assault Offences

      • Common & Serious Assaults
      • Assaults Causing Harm
      • Threats to Kill/Harm
      • Sex Offences
      • Manslaughter

Trespass Offences

      • Unlawfully on Premises
      • Serious Criminal Trespass
      • Residential Trespass
      • Commercial Trespass
      • Firearms Offences

Drug Offences

      • Possession & Trafficking Drugs
      • Commercial and Large Commercial Trafficking
      • Cultivation & Manufactoring
      • Prescription Drug Offences
      • Treatment Intervention Court Representation

Road Traffic Offences

      • Drink & Drug Driving
      • Traffic Infringements
      • Drive Whilst Disqualified
      • Driving Dangerously
      • Camera Offences
      • Licence Disqualifications

Domestic Violence Offences

      • Contesting Intervention Orders
      • Intervention Order Breaches
      • Assaults Against Spouse/Partner
      • Assaults Against Children

Theft & Dishonesty Offences

      • Theft & Robbery
      • Unlawful Possession
      • Centrelink Fraud
      • Deception to Gain Advantage
      • False Details to Second Hand Dealer


Legal Aid clients Welcome. Fixed Price Representation for Private Funded Clients. First interview free.

A special discount is offered to pensioners. Mr O'Neill has a strong social conscience. He considers a client's means when setting legal fees.


About Con O'Neill

Con O'Neill graduated from his Bachelor of Laws in 1995; completing the Graduate Certificate in Legal Practice and thereafter admitted to the Supreme Court of South Australia as a Barrister & Solicitor in 1996.


Upon graduating from Law, Con O'Neill's first legal employment was in Housing Advocacy for two years. He then took the opportunity to hold the position of Principal Solicitor and Manager for three years at Port Pirie's Community Legal Service. Con worked a further year in the same position at Wyong Community Legal Service in New South Wales.

Returning to Adelaide Con O'Neill worked for 7 years as a solicitor for Aboriginal Legal Rights Movement in South Australia, including holding the position of Practice Manager of the Criminal Law Section.

An established commitment to social justice exhibited through years of employment with Community Legal Services and Aboriginal Legal Right Movement has been the building blocks for Con O'Neill. Con's main areas of practice are Criminal Defence Law and Traffic Law, with experience extending to Family Law, Tenancy Law and Civil Law.

Con O'Neill welcomes Legal Aid matters, and for clients not eligible he can negotiate reasonable fixed price fees to ensure access to justice. Con provides quality representation and takes into consideration a client's means. Clients are welcome to discuss with Con easy payment options. Where applicable, Con makes successful applications for legal costs against Police Prosecutions in payment of his own legal fees, allowing private fees or legal aid funds to be reimbursed to his clients and Legal Services Commission.

Con has an extensive experience as an advocate in tribunals and criminal Courts, with the majority of his work in the Summary Jurisdiction of the Magistrates Court. With almost two decades of representing clients' interests Con is very well known in the Court system and has developed a good rapport with both judicial officers and prosecutors. As well as acting for his own clients, Con is regularly briefed in Magistrates Court trials by other legal practitioners and is available to accept such briefs with a high rate of success. Con prides himself on his capacity to assess legal matters to decipher the issues and reason pragmatic outcomes in the best interests of his clients.

For matters in the District and Supreme Courts Con has available to him a range of senior Barristers to accept trials and appeals in these jurisdictions; with Con having years of experience in the District Court appearing on all other matters.

Life Experience:

In 1986 Con completed his Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Political Science and Sociology, from the University of New South Wales. He later gained a Graduate Certificate in Social Science from Swinburne University in 1998.

In terms of previous employment, Con has always maintained a strong work ethic in the labor force before commencing work with the Cabinet Division of the Premier's Department in New South Wales from 1986 to 1988. Con has also been a staunch supporter of unions, holding the position of Union Research Officer from 1988 to 1993.



"Everybody lies...Cops lie. Lawyers lie. Witnesses lie. The victims lie."

A trial is a contest of lies. And everybody in the courtroom knows this. The judge knows this. Even the jury knows this. They come into the building knowing they are going to be lied to. They take their seats in the box and agree to be lied to.

The trick if you are sitting at the defence table is to be patient. To wait. Not for just any lie. But for the one you can grab on to and forge like hot iron into a sharpened blade. You then use that blade to rip the case open and spill its guts out onto the floor.

That's my job, to forge the blade. To sharpen it. To use it without mercy or conscience. To be the truth in a place where everybody lies.

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